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NumPoke Instructions

The NumPoke game is a challenge to your own memorization abilities. It is based on your memory and a race against time. In the game, you try to memorize the random numbers behind each hidden panel within a specific period of time and then duplicate the information. You begin the game by selecting the number of random numbers (1-7) to be hidden and the time (10-60 seconds) the hidden numbers and position are displayed to be memorized. After the display period ends, you are presented with a set of panels to recreate the entire hidden panel display. You earn points (and bonuses) for correctly identifying the hidden information and penalized for incorrect choices and the use of peeks.

1. Press 'Start' button to begin the game.

2. MENU Page

a. Press 'Options' on the Menu page
b. Select the desired screen background color (e.g., LtGreen)
c. Select the desired pushbutton background color (e.g., Black).
d. Press 'Check' to save selection in the game's database. Note: Color options can be changed at the start of any game session.
e. Select 'Menu' to return to the Menu page."

3. INPUT Page

a. Select 'Input' on the Menu page to set up the game's parameters.
b. Select the number of random numbers (1 - 7) to be displayed behind each 'Hidden Item' panel.
c. Select the display time (10 - 60 seconds) to memorize the random numbers and panel position of each hidden item.
d. Select 'Continue' to start the game session.


a. The random numbers behind each hidden panel will be automatically created and displayed.
b. You need to memorize each random number displayed and the hidden panel it is behind.
c. The Level page will be automatically displayed at the end of the selected display time.

5. LEVEL Page

a. Click on a specific 'Panel Num' button (left 2 columns) and the hidden panel will turn yellow.
b. Click on a specific 'Match Num' button (right 2 columns) that you think is the number behind the selected hidden panel. The match panel will turn yellow.
c. Click the 'Match' button to see if your selection was GOOD (the hidden number will be displayed) or BAD (the word NO will be displayed).
d. Click on 'Reset' to change your selections before clicking the 'Match' button.
e. Click on 'Peek' to get another opportunity to see the hidden numbers and locations behind each panel. You will be given the same amount of time to re-memorize the hidden numbers and positions as when you started the game session. However, you are penalized (score reduction) whenever you use a peek.
f. Click on 'Score' (before the game is over) at any time to see the current game score by individual categories. In addition, you will be automatically transferred to the 'Score' page when the game is over.
g. Continue selecting specific 'Panel Num' and 'Match Num' panels to proceed with the game.

6. SCORE Page

a. The current score by individual categories will be displayed.
b. Select 'Return to Game' if the game is not over.
c. Select 'Save Score' if the game is over. You will be transferred to the 'Save Score' page.
d. Select 'Continue' and you will be transferred to the 'Top Ten Scores'.
e. The top 10 scores can also be accessed on the Menu page.

7. PEEKS Page

a. Select 'Peeks Database' on the Menu page to see the current status of the peeks database.
b. In the 'Free' version of NumPoke, 100 available peeks are installed.
c. In the '10 Level' version of the game, 200 available peeks are installed.
d. In the '14 Level' version of the game, 300 available peeks are installed.
e. You can always continue playing the game with no remaining peeks in the database, or buy additional peeks, or upgrade to a different game version.


a. Select 'Purchase' on the Menu page.
b. Select the desired in-app purchase option.


a. Select 'Score Definition' on the Menu page.
b. The various score categories and points earned in a specific game are explained for: Level of Play, Display Time, Good Match bonus, Good Match award, Bad Match penalization, and Peek penalization.
c. Click 'Score Example' button to see how a typical game results would be scored.


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Terry Markle
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