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Hi.. Fellow Android Game Lover

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this NumPoke community site. You have an ideal chancee to be part of this community if you choose to.

The following image display shows you a brief snapshot of the type of stuff we love providing to our cherished viewers:

If you haven't already, click on the following link and "Like" our Facebook fan page.

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You can apply to get your "own" NumPoke game photo and caption featured on our Facebook page by submitting to the Photo Gallery above. If accepted, your photo will be prominently displayed and and shared with the community. First, you need to "like" the Facebook page.

Take the opportunity to browse through the website. There are posts, photos, videos, contests, stories and other stuff to look at. We think you will like and enjoy the android game site.. our personal guarantee (or tell us to take a hike).

Our community caters to all NumPoke game lovers and will continue to grow as we expand our site with all kinds of new and fun games. Be part of it!

After you check out our site, head over to the Facebook page and take in our initial display and posts.. remember it will definitely grow in time and posts.


Finally, a mini-contest for those like to scratch their head. What is your top score playing NumPoke. Send me a copy of your Top 10 Score page (use the 'Send Email Score' feature in the NumPoke game. If your score is better or equal to the top 10 scores submitted by other users, I will post it on the Winner's Circle page on this website. Good luck!

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